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Inkl.beslag og kabler. 16 mill.farver, 700 Lumen,IP65.Kræver Hue Calla Start kit

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Philips Hue Calla

The new Hue outdoor is here!

Calla is one of the new full color outdoor luminairs that is a part of the Hue family and ecosystem. This pedestal is easy to install, has amazing light as well as being fully controllable. Set up schedules so that your garden is lit automatically, or activate the geo-fencing function in the Hue app so that the light welcomes you home automatically. Just like the rest of the Hue color lights, Calla has access to over 16 million nuances of colors, everything to set the perfect mood. This base kit comes with a power adapter that you plug into the nearest power source. Good if you are splitting up the Callas over a larger area. If you goal is the place several products near each other, then we recommend the extension pack Calla.

  • Life span up to 25,000 hours
  • Material: aluminum & synthetics
  • Color: black
  • Weatherproof
  • 2 years warranty
  • LED light source

Hue White and Color Ambiance

Hue White and Color Ambiance has with the latest technology within lighting, and imence potential and amazing possibilities. You can easily chose between 16 million different colors in the Hue-app, all with the push of a button. Create a cozy atmosphere by dampening the light in the same rhythm as your favorite song. Save your favorite setting so that you later on easily can change from one to another. When it comes to Hue-Color, it is really the imagination of the user that sets the boundaries. Create the most amazing experience with your own home lighting.


Chose between 16 million different colors in the Hue-app, which makes it easy to save your favorite lighting setting and then allows you to quickly chose between different themes. Of ourse, these light also allow you to light up your surrounding with different nuances of white light. From the more energizing daylight setting to a more warm white one, for the evenings.


By connecting the Hue-lamps with the Hue Bridge will you experience a world of possibilities. Integrate your entire light system with the TV (works with the Philips Ambilight) or take the gaming experience to a whole new level by connecting your Philips Hue system to one of the amazing third party applications found for both iOS and Andriod.

Weather resistant

Specifically designed for humid outdoor environments, and this product has passed extensive durability testing, as well as being IP-approved (IP44, meaning durable against rain and wind). The first number in the IP represents protection against dust, the second represents protection against water.

Decorative outdoor lighting

Outdoors lighting can improve and heighten the appearance of your garden, terrace or driveway. Also perfect for evenings with friends and family. This is why Philips created myGarden, a series of decorative and beautiful outdoor lighting luminairs, that combine style and function seamlessly. Truly helps you make the most of your outdoor space.

Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
Produkttype Pedestallys
Dæmper Ja
Kabellængde 0.5 m
Vandtæt Ja
Funktioner Dobbeltisoleret, udendørs brug, fjernstyret, justerbar belysningstid, støvsikker, dag/nat justerbar sensor
Type LED
Indbygget LED-lampe Ja
Wattforbrug 8 W
Oplysningsfarve 16 millioner farver
Farvetemperatur 2200-6500 K
Lysstyrke 640 lumen
Levetid 25000 timer
Påkrævet spænding AC 220 - 240 V
Internet of Things (IoT)
Internet of Things (IoT) kompatibel Ja
Hubkompatibilitet Philips Hue Bridge
Platform Apple HomeKit, Hue
Intelligent assistent Google Assistant, Alexa
Stemmekontrolleret Indirekte
Produktmateriale Aluminium, syntetisk
Dækfarve Sort, krom-matteret
Inkluderet tilbehør Strømadapter
Overensstemmelsesstandarder IP65
Mål og vægt
Bredde 104 mm
Dybde 104 mm
Højde 252 mm
Vægt 735 g
Forsendelsesdimensioner (VxDxH)/vægt 145 mm x 170 mm x 298 mm / 1.45 kg