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Story: Silver, a corrupt and sinister sorcerer, rules the land of Jarrah with an iron fist. He and his henchmen have abducted the village women as part of a pact with the almighty god, Apocalypse. Now, only one man can put a stop to Silver and his minions. That man is you, David, a promising young knight whose wife is among the captured. In order to succeed you'll need to recruit allies, master your swordplay, learn the art of magic, and venture through hostile worlds teeming with Silver's corrupt followers to find 8 lost artifacts. Begin your quest, and become a hero! Game Features:
  • Intuitive Swordplay Silver's unique control method allows quick and intuitive handling of action, which is especially helpful in the heat of battle. In effect, the mouse becomes the player's ""sword arm"". Sweep the mouse to your left and your hero will slash to the left, sweep the mouse forward and your hero will lunge. Magical effects, throwing knives, arrow, and even catapults are also controlled through the mouse system
  • Interact with more than 50 characters. Be wary, not all are friendly
  • Recruit allies, all with special abilities-Sekune is a master of archery, Cagen is a skilled martial artist, Jug's strength makes him a force to be reckoned with, and more
  • Travel through hundreds of beautiful locations, rich in detail…and packed with danger
  • Immerse yourself in battle with real-time combat
  • Marvel at vivid special effects, powerful magical spells, and mighty weaponry that you'll acquire on your journey
  • Use your mouse as your sword-vanquish your foes, including demons, dragons, and other insidious creatures
Genre Action RPG
Platform Windows
Distributionsmedie Hente
Lokalisering Resten af verden
Downloadbart spil Game
Genre action, rollespil
Krav Steam account required for game activation and installation PC System Requirements MINIMUM: Windows: Windows XP, Vista Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10 (32 or 64 bit) Processor: CPU 1GHz RAM: 256 MB RAM GPU: OpenGL 2.0 compatible Disc Space: 4 GB
Platform Steam
Udvikler Spiral House
Understøttede sprog Full Audio: ENG/ GER/ FRA/ ITA/ SPA Interface: ENG/ GER/ FRA/ ITA/ SPA Subtitles: ENG/ GER/ FRA/ ITA/ SPA
Understøttet system PC Windows
Maks. antal spillere 1
ESRB mærkning Teen (13+)
ESRB indholdsbeskrivelse Animeret vold
Udgiver THQ Nordic
Udvikler Infogrames, Spiral House, THQ Nordic