Dreamscapes: The Sandman Premium Edition

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As a child, father often told Laura that she is special. But Laura's father died before her full age, and Laura didn’t knew what her father had said about her speciality. In memory of her father Laura kept as remembrance an amulet “the Dream catcher” - her father gave it to Laura since she was a little girl, as Laura complained that she has nightmares.
Suddenly her favorite Dream catcher disappears, and Laura falls asleep during her concert. The doctors shrug their shoulders - she fell into a liturgical dream, and in spite of all their efforts she’s not coming back to life. There it was the Professor Sanders offered his services.
We play for an Professor’s Assistant - volunteer, who offered himself to participate in the experiment, and bring Laura back to life.

With help of Professor’s invention - “the Dreams Machine” - the player will have to make the dangerous journey through the subconsciousness of Laura, find her, and try to get to wake up getting to know about the reasons why she fell into a coma.
Destroying Laura’s nightmares one after another, the player realizes that Laura guides him to her, leaving the pages from her diary and tips. Laura becomes stronger with every destroyed nightmare - it is seen by the fact that scary world transformes little by little.
Gradually, the player learns about the Sandman, the Dream Guardians, and the fact that Laura is chosen, the world was waiting her appearance for many years.
Having collected all Dream catcher, Laura plans to destroy the Sandman, and to interrupt the dreaded rite.
Now when Laura got her Dream catcher, the Sandman has no control over her, but he is furious and promises to revenge. And his next victim – Tim – the best friend of Laura. To be continued.

Genre Point and click, eventyr - hovedbrud
Platform Windows
Distributionsmedie Hente
Downloadbart spil Game
Genre eventyr
Steam account required for game activation and installation ,

Minimum :
OS: Windows XP/ 7 ,
Processor: 2GHz ,
Memory: 1024 MB RAM ,
Graphics: DirectX9 ,
Hard Drive: 2 GB available space ,
Sound Card: Any

Platform Steam
Udvikler Shaman Games Studio
Understøttet system PC Windows
Maks. antal spillere 1
PEGI mærkning 12
PEGI indholdsbeskrivelse Vold, bandeord
Vurdering af den australske regering Forælderopsyn (PG)
Udgiver 1C Company / Playrix
Udvikler Shaman Games Studio
Understøttet OS Microsoft Windows XP / 7
Hardware-krav Microsoft Windows XP / 7 - 2 GHz - RAM 1024 MB - HD 2 GB
Yderligere krav Skal bruges med en gyldig Steam-konto, DirectX 9.0