Tom Clancy's EndWar

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"I know not with what weapons World War III will be fought, but World War IV will be fought with sticks and stones." - Albert Einstein 2011 - 2014. The world enjoys an unprecedented era of peace as enhanced defense technology eliminates the threat of nuclear war. But can it last? 2020. Constant depletion of resources has international tensions at a breaking point. One spark will ignite what no one thought could happen...a third and final world war. Introducing Tom Clancy's EndWar, the first new Clancy I.P. since the highly acclaimed Tom Clancy's Splinter Cell launched in 2002. EndWar will bring World War III to life in a way only Clancy can. Strategy for the next generation: Led by creative director Michael de Plater (Rome Total War), EndWar will redefine strategy gaming. Designed exclusively for next-gen consoles EndWar will create a theatre of war, immersing you in the drama of World War III in a way you never thought possible. Fight For Your Nation: Pick a side US, Europe, Russia - the fate of the world is in your hands. If you don't step in to save your homeland, who will? Command Your Army: Grow your army into the most powerful force on the planet. Your army is completely customizable, and experience breeds strength - your units grow more powerful with every campaign you fight. Light Up The City of Lights: Tom Clancy's World War III won't be won by capturing remote deserts or grasslands but by striking countries in the heart. Paris, Moscow, Washington D.C. will all erupt in flames as you battle your way through the fully destructive playground. A Whole New Kind of Massive: EndWar will be an online multiplayer experience unlike anything you've ever encountered. 16 player matchups? Try hundreds. 30 minute battles? Try persistent matchups lasting for months at a time. This isn't a skirmish, it's World War III. Talk Your Way to Victory: Put the controller aside and start shouting commands. EndWar can be played almost entirely via voice command.
Genre Realtidsstrategi, turbaseret strategi
Platform Windows
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Downloadbart spil Game
Genre strategi
Krav Uplay account required for game activation and installation Minimum Configuration: Operating System: Windows® XP (with SP2) or Windows Vista® (with SP1) Processor: Intel® Core® 2 Duo E4400 2.0 Ghz or same level AMD processors RAM: 1 GB for Windows XP and 2 GB for Windows Vista and configurations with shared memory Video card: Nvidia™ 7800GS or ATI™ 1800XT or better DirectX® 9.0c–compliant 256 MB video card with Shader Model 3.0 or higher (See Supported List 1.0.3 for more information) Hard Drive Space: 10 GB Sound: DirectX 9.0c compatible sound card with latest drivers Internet: Broadband connection and service required for multiplayer mode Windows-compatible mouse required
PEGI Anbefalet Aldersgrænse PEGI 16
Platform Uplay
Understøttet system PC Windows
Multiplayer Ja
ESRB mærkning Teen (13+)
ESRB indholdsbeskrivelse Blod, vold, henvisning til alkohol, provokerende temaer, sprog, henvisning til tobak
PEGI mærkning 16
PEGI indholdsbeskrivelse Vold
Vurdering af den australske regering Forælderopsyn (PG)
Udgiver Ubisoft
Udvikler Ubisoft Shanghai
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