NPPD Rush - The Milk of Ultra Violet

Varenummer: 1067012 / Producentens varenr: 35453

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NPPD Rush is an open world Action RPG game with a unique and powerful storyline. The city of Nauseous Pines has been plunged into a drug fuelled spiral towards implosion. Can the ‘Sockets’ help save the city? The year is 198X and Nauseous Pines is in the grip of a new designer drug called ‘Nox’, developed by enigmatic nightclub owner ‘Ultra Violet’. Play as MHLK 2.0, a second generation ‘Socket’, who has been saved and reformed from a previous life as a Nox junkie. Your limbs have been removed and you have been Socketed in to an experimental police superbike. The initial goal is to rescuing 30 females in 5 minutes, all of who are dying at the hands of the designer drug "NOX". You are their last hope! But as the game unfolds the battle turns to gaining more time as you come closer to the true horror of "Nox" and your own existence. Interact with the various shops to upgrade your police super bike, hack its timing circuits and even sell unused organs to an organ trafficker for extra money as you make you way towards the inevitable confrontation with "Ultra Violet and a battle that will reveal the very nature of your existence. The game comes with a storming sound track with music from renowned 16 bit musician, Toshiaki Sakoda (Naxat, Konami, Hudson, Namco, Square-Enix, Microsoft and others), plus amazing graphics from renowned Teletext artist Dan Farrimond.
Genre Shoot-em up
Platform Windows
Distributionsmedie Hente
Downloadbart spil Game
Genre action, rollespil
Krav Windows XP (Service pack 3) and greater dual core 1.5 gig 1 gig ram Nvidia or Amd graphics with latest drivers.
Platform Steam
Understøttet system PC Windows
Maks. antal spillere 1
Udgiver KISS Ltd.
Udvikler Rail Slave Games
Understøttet OS Microsoft Windows XP SP3 eller nyere
Hardware-krav Microsoft Windows XP SP3 eller nyere - dual core processor - 1.8 GHz - RAM 1 GB - HD 100 MB
Yderligere krav Skal bruges med en gyldig Steam-konto, DirectX 9.0c