Blue Microphones Ringer Blackout

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Blue Microphones Ringer Shock Mount

The Ringer features a vintage-style suspension mount design to isolate the microphone body from low-frequency energy when mounted on a microphone stand. It accommodates virtually any microphone with a standard thread mount.

The Ringer is also a true universal shockmount--if the microphone will fit through the loop, it can be mounted in The Ringer by virtue of its unique universal thread mount.

Beyond just working with Blue-engineered microphones, The Ringer is a great accessory for any microphone where you desire a high-quality, sharp-looking shockmount.

Like all of Blue's shockmounts and pop filters, the ringer is composed of solid brass and individually hand-built and soldered. Crafted with the same attention to detail that goes into Blue's mics, these accessories will last a lifetime.

  • Custom-designed shockmount for Snowball USB microphones
  • Isolates the microphone from noise, shock and vibrations
  • New improved hinge design that locks in place
  • Works with both US and Euro microphone stands

What's in the Box
Blue Microphones Ringer Shockmount

*Made for Snowball series. 

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Farve Blackout
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