Hearts of Iron IV: Radio Pack

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Drown out the hum of machinery and whine of bomber engines with the soothing sounds of new martial music brought to you by Paradox Interactive and its composing partners. This DLC pack adds unique radio stations for each of the three major factions in Hearts of Iron IV (Allies, Axis and Comintern) and gives access to free music updates as well.

The Hearts of Iron Radio Pack gives access to:

  • Faction Radio Channels: A total of 35 new songs spread across three faction specific radio channels, each with their own unique look and design.
  • Free Access to Older Hearts of Iron Tracks: The scores for Hearts of Iron II and Hearts of Iron III will be freely available to all Hearts of Iron players, letting you experience the soundscapes of veterans who have gone before.
  • Free refit of older music add-ons: If you own any of our older music packs, like the Sabaton music pack, those will now be redesigned to resemble radio stations like the newer music, to give you a smoother user experience within the game.
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Downloadbart spil Game
Genre strategi, tillæg, simulator
Platform Steam
Udvikler Paradox Development Studio
Understøttede sprog <, p>, Interface: English, French, German, Polish, Portuguese-Brazil, Russian, Spanish<, /p>
Understøttet system Linux, Mac OSX, PC Windows