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Onyx BOOX Note Pro 10.3" 64GB

Læse-/tegnebræt, 64GB, 10.3" HD skjerm (1872x1404), 227dpi, USB-C, inkl stylus

Varenummer: 1141964 / Producentens varenr: OPC0613R

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BOOX Note Pro

  • 3” Flush Glass-based Screen: The screen is completely flush with the bezel, scratch-resistant, and non-glare.
  • Front Light: With the color temperature system, the front light can be adjustable in warm or cold that allows reading in the dark and day.
  • Dual Touch: Both finger touch + stylus touch are supported that helps to manage the device in an easy way.
  • Pressure sensitivity: The Wacom stylus with 4096 levels pressure sensitivity is capable of showing stroke in strong or weak, just like a real pen.
  • Android System: Android 6.0 eReader with 1.6G of Quad-core, 4GB of RAM and 64GB of storage, is compatible with tons of third-party apps.

Note Upgrade Version with Dual Touch and Front Light

  • Finger touch and stylus touch are supported. Front light enables the reading to be more enjoyable.
  • The Note Pro runs faster and more effectively with larger RAM 4GB and storage 64GB.

Adjustable Color Temperature System

The front light can be adjusted to warm or cold light at different levels until users feel ease on eyes in different environments.

  • The warm light is capable of providing a traditional warm, cozy feel.
  • The cold light gives a whiter, more energetic feel.

Authentic Reading and Note Taking Design

  • Fewer steps in note-taking. Directly use a stylus to take notes on documents anytime you are reading.
  • Use your fingers instead of a stylus to turn pages anytime you want, just like reading a real book.

Professional eBook Reader with Exceptional Reading Experience

Larger Screen and Less Flipping

Note Pro screen displays 200% more text than the regular 6-inch eReaders do.  For books with same-size fonts, users can be more concentrated due to fewer page turns.

Support over 20 Formats


Highlight, Annotate and Look up Dictionary

When to read your favorite books, you can highlight and annotate the sentences that are important to you. You can also bookmark the whole pages and look up the dictionary when you come across new words.

Take Handwritten Notes Directly on Top of PDF Books

With both capacitive touch and Wacom stylus touch, Note Pro allows users not only to take notes, sketch and draw, but also to make handwritten notes directly on top of PDF books.

Wireless connections - unlimited possibilities

No More Audio Jack? No Worry, Wireless Connection Allows You to Collect Nova with External Speaker

Connect your Note Pro with Bluetooth speaker, then enjoy music and audiobooks whenever you want. Feel tired of reading books? Our text-to-speech feature reads the book out loud for you from where you left.

USB Type-C, Faster and More Powerful, Supports Media Transfer Protocol (MTP)

Up to the trend, Note Pro is equipped with the new generation of USB Type-C. No more fumbling! Users can plug the connector in either way.

By MTP support, you still can use your Note Pro while transferring data between your Note Pro and your computer.

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