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TEAC Bluetooth Turntable TN-180BT-A3

The simplest way of enjoying vinyl records

The TN-180BT-A3 brings you a totally new way of listening to vinyl records with its Bluetooth® capability. No extra cost for hi-fi components or complicated wiring is required. Only Bluetooth® speakers or headphones you might have for smartphones/tablets are required to enjoy the world of vinyl records.

Designed for music enthusiasts, the belt-drive motor ensures a clearer sound than direct-drive DJ players, while selectable outputs, Phono, Line or Bluetooth allow you to connect any type of amplifiers, powered speakers or Bluetooth devices.

Unlike many budget turntables, the TN-180BT-A3 employs a single wooden board cabinet with high-density MDF to dampen vibrations and provide clearer and richer sound, while 3-speed and auto-return turntable mechanism.

For music lovers who have been collecting vinyl records for decades or those just starting out, TEAC’s TN-180BT-A3 delivers the true sound of vinyl records. Available in cherry, black and white finish.

A new way of record playing - Built-in Bluetooth® transmitter

The TN-180BT-A3 delivers the sound wirelessly via built-in Bluetooth® transmitter, in addition to conventional RCA output in analog Line or Phono format. The pairing button is located at the tone-arm base, which illuminates when the connection with BT speakers/headphone is made successfully.

Unlike other turntable units, the TN-180BT-A3 provides you the simplest way of listening to vinyl records via Bluetooth® wireless technology.
If you already have a Bluetooth-enable speakers or headphone for your iPhone/Android phone, all you have to do is to install the TN-180BT-A3 in your room – no pricy hi-fi system and complicated wiring are required –. The connection is as simple as ABC, just press the BT pairing button when the Bluetooth® speakers/headphones are ready to the pairing, and once the connection is established, you don't need to repeat the same process every time you listening to vinyl records.
The TN-180BT-A3 also provides conventional ways of connection to hi-fi system with or without PHONO input via cable, and an RCA audio cable comes with the TN-180BT-A3.

An authentic 3-speed Turntable

The TN-180BT-A3 plays LP, EP and SP records from your library. The tone-arm automatically returns to the original position as playback finished.
*The groove of the SP (78rpm) records is 3 to 4 times wider than typical 33 1/3rpm record, so it might damage the stylus and cause the noise when you play back the record with pre-installed stylus. Please keep it limited use.

MM-type cartridge pre-installed for quick start

A VM-type (equivalent to MM-type) cartridge AT3600L by audio-technica is already installed to the straight-type tone-arm at the factory, so you can start playing records as soon as you open the box.
The authentic belt-drive turntable is driven by a high torque DC motor, while precision stainless steel spindle and durable brass spindle holder maintain accurate rotation speed.

High-density MDF cabinet construction

Unlike others with plastic chassis, a single wooden board with high-density MDF minimizes vibrations and resonance to playback of your vinyl record library with clearer sound.

Built-in VM-type Phono EQ amplifier

Enjoy vinyl playback with any amplifier regardless type of inputs. The TN-180BT-A3 supports both PHONO and LINE outputs that allow you to play vinyl with or without Phono equalizer.

Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
Produkttype Pladespiller
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Pakningsmateriale MDF
Audiokanaler Stereo
Funktioner Pladespiller
Bluetooth audiocodec SBC
Audiospecifikationer Pladespiller SNR - 64 dB
Egenskaber Bluetooth Audio Streaming, Bluetooth 4.0 kompatibilitet
Type Semiautomatisk
Understøttede hastigheder 78 opm, 33,3 o/m, 45 o/m
Drevtype Remdrev
Inkluderet patronnavn Audio-Technica AT3600L
Patrontype Moving Magnet (MM)
Effektiv armlængde 20 cm
Armform Lige arm
Pladetallerken Plastik 30 cm
Wow & Flutter 0.25 % (WRMS)
EQ-kontakt Ja
Egenskaber Løs støvdække med hængsler, indbygget RIAA-equalizer
Stikforbindelser Audio linje-ind/fono-output (RCA phono x 2) - bagside
Udstyr inkluderet Vekselstrømsadapter, audiokabel, 45 rpm vinyl adapter
Bluetooth-profiler Advanced Audio Distribution Profile (A2DP)
Nødvendig spænding AC 100/120/230 V (50/60 Hz)
Strømforbrug ved drift 1.5 Watt
Strømforbrugs-stand by 0.2 Watt
Mål og vægt
Bredde 42 cm
Dybde 35.6 cm
Højde 10.5 cm
Vægt 4.9 kg