*Produktbilledet mangler et skruehul! Forstærket GPU-beslag med ekstra skruehuller, kompatibel med G360A, G500A og G300A-modellerne.

Phanteks Vertical GPU Bracket

220 mm Flatline PCI-E 4.0 x16 Riser Cable for G300A/G360A/G500A

Varenummer: 1220772 / Producentens varenr: PH-VGPUKT4.0_04

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Phanteks Vertical GPU Bracket

The Phanteks Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket allows vertical placement of any graphics card with full Gen4 speeds. Designed specifically for the G360A/G500A/G300A chassis that have an open PCI slot are. Any other ATX chassis can be easily modded to support the Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket. Graphics with 1-slot up to 4-slot sizes are supported with access to ports on the first 2 slots.
The included 220mm long PCI-e Gen4 x16 Riser Cable allows any Gen4 graphics card to run at full speed without compromise. It’s dual layer design and individual shielded cables ensure high level of stability and signal integrity for a stable running system.
Showcase your graphic card by mounting it vertically with the Gen4 Vertical GPU Bracket from Phanteks.

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