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Varenummer: 1244657 / Producentens varenr: UDB1BMU

Onkyo UDB-1 USB DAB-adapter (sort)

USB DAB Adapter

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Onkyo UDB-1 USB DAB Adapter

Little black box adds a world of content

Here’s a simple way to add DAB/DAB+ tuning to your Onkyo A/V receiver or home entertainment product. Plug the UDB-1 adapter into your compatible component’s rear USB, connect the supplied cable antenna, and you’re ready to explore a huge selection of free-to-air programming. From classical to jazz to indie rock, news to talk to comedy, your favorite stations not only sound better, they also show song and program information, weather and traffic alerts, and more on-screen.

Then there’s a wealth of new digital channels to find and save to your component’s preset memory. With digitally simulcast FM/AM programs and scores of specialist themed channels, you’ll never be short of entertainment to enjoy.

Compatible Models:
TX-NR474, TX-NR575E, TX-NR676E, TX-NR686, TX-NR696, TX-RZ720, TX-RZ730, TX-RZ740, TX-RZ820, TX-RZ830, TX-RZ840, TX-RZ3400 & TX-8250

DRX-2.1, DRX-2.3, DRX-3.1, DRX-3.2, DRX-3.3, DRX-4.2, DRX-4.3, DRX-5.2, DRX-5.3 & DTM-6

*As of April 2022


  • DAB and DAB+ radio tuners included
  • Adds existing FM/AM broadcasts in digital format
  • Access to many additional channels with specialized content
  • Excellent audio quality with low-interference signals
  • Use component’s memory presets to save stations
  • Direct USB input or USB cable extender connection where installation space is limited behind rear panel
  • Includes Indoor DAB/DAB+ antenna cable
  • Compact, lightweight, and high-quality construction
Produktlinje Onkyo
Model UDB-1
Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
EAN 4573211153088
Beregnet til Audio/video-modtager
Produkttype DAB/DAB+ tunermodul
Pakkeindhold USB-forlængerkabel, DAB-tunermodul, Antennekabel
Strømkilde USB
Farvekategori Sort
Farve Sort
Mål og vægt
Højde 1.6 cm
Vægt 22 g
Bredde 3 cm
Dybde 7.68 cm
Mål & vægt (forsendelse)
Vægt ved forsendelse 120 g
Højde ved forsendelse 16.5 cm
Bredde ved forsendelse 11.16 cm
Dybde ved forsendelse 2.5 cm
Tilslutninger USB - 4-PIN USB, type A - han, Antenneinput - RCA
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