Noctua NM-I3 Mounting Kit, Intel Socket

Noctua NH-C12P, NH-U12P, NH-U12P SE1366, NH-U9B, NH-U12F, NH-U9F, NH-U12, NH-U9

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Varenummer: 502505
Producentens varenr: NM-I3
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Noctua NM-I2011 Mounting-Kit. Continuing Noctua's tradition of supplying customers with its premium-class SecuFirm2™ mountings free of charge, the NM-I2011 kit allows Noctua users to upgrade to Intel's LGA2011 socket for Core i7-39xx/38xx processors.

Ultimate Reliability.
Noctua's SecuFirm™ mounting systems are renowned for their excellent reliability, minimize the stress on mainboards and make it possible to transport the system without uninstalling the CPU cooler. With tens of thousands of units sold, there's not a single known case of failure.
Backplate with Screw-Threads.
SecuFirm2™ utilizes a backplate with screw-threads that simply installs on top of the stock LGA1366/LGA1156/LGA1155 backplate. Not having to remove the stock backplate significantly reduces overall installation time and eliminates the risk of damaging the CPU socket. Thanks to the screw threads, the backplate can't slip during the installation process.
Integrated Fastening Brackets.
Fully integrated fastening brackets with fixed pressure screws and springs greatly facilitate the installation process. No more fiddling with screws and springs!
Maximum Convenience for Enthusiasts.
Thanks to the use of separate mounting bars, uninstalling and reinstalling the cooler only takes two screws. Loosening two thumbscrews gives full access to the socket without the backplate falling off, making it a child's play to change CPUs even if the mainboard is installed inside a case.
Backwards Compatibility.
SecuFirm2™ is fully backwards compatible with all Noctua coolers since 2005, making them safe long-term investments that can be used for several CPU generations.
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Produkttype Monteringsæt til processorkøler
Producentens varenr. NM-I3
Producentens garanti (md.) 36
Vægt m/emballage 0.18 kg
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Kompatibel med LGA775 Socket, LGA1156 Socket, LGA1366 Socket
Processor kompatabilitet Core i5
Core i7
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