XFX Radeon R9 280X 3GB GDDR5

Varenummer: 804914 / Producentens varenr: R9-280X-TDFD

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The XFactor - See The XFX Difference

  • Quality components, greater durability
  • Solid Capacitors
  • Ferrite Core Choke
  • Dust-Free IP-5X Fan
  • XFX Bracket Design


Maximize Your Gaming Experience

  • Multi-Monitor and Stereoscopic 3D
  • Up to 3 Displays
  • Independent resolutions & controls
  • Ultra HD 4K 16K x 16K Resolutions
  • Combine multiple
  • Active and Passive 3D


Multi-Monitor Ready - See what you're missing


Next Generation Gaming Graphics

Fully supported Microsoft DirectX® 11.2, with 4x faster tessellation rendering and massive virtual texture dynamic loading for more intense performance over earlier products.

  • Mantle
  • 4X Faster Tessellation
  • 24X Multi-Sample Anti-Aliasing (MSAA)
  • Horizon-Based Ambient Occlusion (HBAO)
  • Particle Physics & Fluid Dynamics
  • Shader Model 5.0
  • DirectCompute 11 & OpenGL 4.3 Support
  • Multi-threading
  • HDR texture Compression


Next Generation Performance

2nd generation GCN Architecture for AMD's unified graphics processing and compute cores that allows them to achieve higher utilization for improved performance and efficiency.

  • GCN Architecture with a new compute core.
  • R9 280X with Tahiti XTL core.
  • 28 Nanometers
  • 384-bit Memory
  • PCI Express 3.0 - 32GB/s bandwidth & 8GHz)
  • Up to 3GB Memory On-Board


Advanced Performance Optimization

Accelerating your games and professional applications.

  • C & C++ Dev Support
  • Hardware Transcoding
  • OpenCL 1.2
  • Zero Core Power - Ultra low idle power
  • Drastically speeds up productivity apps with co-processing
  • PowerTune 2nd Gen Smart Performance Tuning (with Boost)

See The Multi-Monitor Difference

Improve your productivity from everyday task to professional workstation applications


Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
Enhedstype Grafikkort
Bus Type PCI Express 3.0 x16
Grafik engine AMD Radeon R9 280X
Kerne clock 850 MHz
Boost Clock 1000 MHz
Strømprocessorer 2048
Maksimum opløsning 2560 x 1600
Max Opløsnings Detaljer DVI: 2560 x 1600 / DisplayPort: 4096 x 2160 / HDMI: 4096 x 2160 / VGA: 2048 x 1536
Maks. antal understøttede monitorer 3
Interfacer DVI-I (dobbelt link)
DVI-D (enkelt-link)
2 x Mini DisplayPort
VGA - med adapter
API-understøttet DirectCompute 11, OpenGL 4.2, OpenCL 1.2, Microsoft C++ AMP, DirectX 11.2
Egenskaber ATI CrossFire-teknologi, AMD Eyefinity Technology, AMD HD3D Technology, AMD PowerPlay teknologi, AMD PowerTune teknologi, AMD Stream teknologi, AMD Hybrid Graphics Technology, kølelegeme med dobbelt åbning, Morphological Anti-Aliasing (MLAA), AMD HD Media Accelerator, AMD ZeroCore Power teknologi, AMD App Acceleration 2, Intelligent TDP administrationsteknologi, topmoderne integreret display support, Video Codec Engine (VCE), AMD Unified Video Decoder (UVD), Advanced Video Color Correction, HDCP
Størrelse 3 GB
Teknologi GDDR5 SDRAM
Effektiv clock hastighed 6 GHz
Busbredde 384-bit
Yderligere krav 6-pin + 8-pin strømkontakter
Udstyr inkluderet 8-pins til 4-pins strømkabel, 6-pins til 4-pins strømkabel, PSU Cross Marketing Insert
Medfølgende ledninger 1 x CrossFire intern bro
Med software Drivers & Utilities, AMD Catalyst Control Center
Bredde 4.2 cm
Dybde 29.5 cm
Højde 14.3 cm