The Last Express

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The Last Express is an adventure game occuring in the Orient Express, a train that linked Paris to Constantinople before the first World War.

You are Robert Cath, a young American doctor, who receives a strange, urgent request from your old friend - Tyler Whitney - to join him in the Orient Express. As soon as you step onto this train, you are trapped into an explosive mix of betrayal, romance, and political conspiracy. You’ll need to think fast and act even faster to unravel the secrets of the Last Orient Express.

An immersive adventure game, in a Collectors Edition including many bonuses. A masterpiece you need to play !

> Carefully designed cartoon graphiscs, and a great soundtrack for an incredible game

> A dynamic scenario that give to this story a strong life power : the NPC have all their own life !

> Several actions are possible at the same time each one has its importance on the rest of the game !

> Collectors Edition including cool bonuses : Original Sound Track, Making-Of and Walkthrough

Downloadbart spil Game
Genre eventyr
Platform Steam
Understøttet system Mac OSX, PC Windows