ASUS Strix Raid DLX Gaming Lydkort

7.1, 124dB SNR, audiophile-grade DAC, 600ohm amp, Instant-on Raid Mode

Varenummer: 871307 / Producentens varenr: 90YB00H0-M1UA00

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Asus Strix Raid DLX

Hi-Fi classified 7.1 sound card for music and gaming

  • 124dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR) and audiophile-grade DAC.
  • External control unit included.
  • Sonic Studio utility lets you take full control over loads of sound settings via an intuitive interface.
  • Sonic Radar Pro visualizes the exact location of in-game sounds and enhances critical audio details like enemy footsteps.
  • The 600ohm headphone amplifier enhances bass and gives you clear, detailed sound.

Strix Raid DLX is a premium sound card set built with audiophile-grade components to satisfy gamers who demand ultimate audio performance. Strix Raid DLX features rich, immersive, and clear sound with an incredible 124dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR), and a 600ohm headphone amplifier for deep, tight bass. The simple yet powerful Sonic Studio sound utility and control box provides complete sound card control and allows instant in-game audio adjustments.

Sonic Studio

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Strix Raid DLX features the latest Sonic Studio software suite for full control over every sound technology, from equalization (EQ) to 7.1-speaker level-balancing. Sonic Studio has a single navigation page that puts everything in front of you, with an intuitive point-and-click interface that allows you to pre-set audio profiles to suit different audio requirements.

Raid Mode

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ASUS exclusive Raid Mode can be turned on right in the heat of gaming action with just one-click on the audio control box to provide the exact audio adjustment you want. With this powerful combination of Raid Mode and the audio control box, gamers no longer need to pause the game and open sound software to adjust their audio, ensuring they never miss a single moment of gaming action. Gamers can save their favourite or most frequently-used audio adjustments into custom pre-sets that they can instantly turn on or off with the dedicated Raid Mode button on the audio control box.

Exceptional sound quality

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Great sound quality goes hand in hand with great hardware. ASUS has many years’ of experience from PCB design that are well-grounded and minimizes noise. Strix Raid DLX uses the ESS SABRE ES9016S DAC that delivers unrivalled, jitter-free sound and an exceptional 124dB signal-to-noise ratio (SNR). This gives up to 64 times better clarity than an average on-board audio card.

Strix design

Strix Raid DLX doesn’t only give great audio, it’s also stylish with an owl-eye that glows orange in the dark.

Producentens garanti (måneder) 36
Enhedstype Lydkort
Formfaktor Intern
Grænsefladetype PCI Express
Bredde 2.2 cm
Dybde 19 cm
Højde 13 cm
Processor / Hukommelse
Signalprocessor CM6632A
Lydudgangsmodus 7.1 surroundkanal
DAC-opløsning 24 bit
Prøvehastighed 44.1 kHz (min) - 192 kHz (maks.)
Signalstøjforhold 124 dB
Frekvensrespons 10 - 48000 Hz
Funktioner Headphone Amplifier, Hyper Grounding Technology, Sonic Radar Pro
Overensstemmelsesstandarder ASIO 2.0
Lydfunktioner Optage: 24 bit 192 kHz
Afspilning: 24 bit 192 kHz
Ekspansion / Konnektivitet
Interface 1 x hovedtelefoner - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x højttalere (front surround) - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x højttalere (center/subwoofer) - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x højttalere (side)/SPDIF output - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x højttalere (bagved) - minitelefon 3,5 mm
1 x audio linje-ind/mikrofon - minitelefon 3,5 mm
Udstyr inkluderet Kontrolboks
Medfølgende ledninger 1 x S/PDIF optisk adapter
Medfølgende programmer / Systemkrav
Medfølgende programmer Drivers & Utilities, ASUS Instant On, Sonic Studio
OS nødvendig Microsoft Windows 7 (32/64 bits), Windows 8 (32/64 bit), Windows 8.1 (32/64 bit)