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Wood’s SMF-filter

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Wood’s SMF-filter

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Wood’s unique anti-mould filter, the SMF filter, are delivered with all Wood’s dehumidifiers with an F in the name. The SMF filter cleans the air from pollen, mould spores, dust and other harmful particles that are released when the air is dried our. The SMF filter provides you with an even better indoor climate as it cleans the air at the same time as you remove excess moisture, damp and mildew.

Wood’s SMF filter will also protect the dehumidifier from dust and dirt, extending its life expectancy. Dust is the number one cause of malfunctioning appliances – leading to costly repairs. Thanks to the SMF filter, Wood’s are able to offer as much as 6 years warranty on your dehumidifier, if the SMF filter is replaced regularly. Register your dehumidifier to enter the warranty program.

Do you wish to equip an old dehumidifier with a SMF filter?

Dehumidifier sold before 2012 are not equipped with the SMF filter. However, it is possible to do so in order to protect it against dust and dirt and to clean the air. Please note that you can’t enter the warranty program if you equip an old dehumidifier with the SMF filter.

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