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Thrustmaster F-16C Viper Joystick

PC, Inspireret af den utrolige succes med HOTAS Warthog ™ Flight Stick

Varenummer: 1163663 / Producentens varenr: 377021

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The availability of the Thrustmaster F-16C Viper™ HOTAS Add-On Grip, a life-size (1:1 scale) namesake replica of the real F-16C Viper™ flight stick, coincides with the recent early-access launch of the F-16C Viper module in the legendary DCS combat flight simulation game.

Inspired by the incredible success of the HOTAS Warthog™ Flight Stick (still the benchmark against which all other joysticks are judged), the grip integrates perfectly — and natively — with the DCS: F-16C Viper module, specially designed to replicate in minute detail the strike fighter aircraft whose outstanding versatility continues to make it a favorite of air forces around the globe. The real-world F-16C Viper™ is a supersonic multirole fighter jet in large-scale production, featuring renowned adaptability to meet the demands of a wide variety of different combat situations.

This is certainly an exciting chance for members of Thrustmaster’s community to once again access the very best in terms of flight sim quality and feel currently available, in order to truly get the most out of the breathtaking gaming experience delivered by this new DCS module that simmers everywhere can’t stop raving about.


  • Life-size (1:1 scale) replica of the real F-16C Viper™ flight stick.
  • 100% metal design incorporating durable, industrial-grade materials for an authentic feel and maximum product lifespan.
  • 19 action buttons in total, plus one 8-way “point of view” hat switch.
  • Native integration in the game DCS via the dedicated DCS: F-16C Viper module (game and module sold separately).
  • Backward-compatible with the two key joystick bases in Thrustmaster’s revered flight simulation ecosystem: HOTAS Warthog™ and HOTAS Cougar™ (sold separately). Easily place the grip on your HOTAS Warthog™ or HOTAS Cougar™ base!
Produktlinje ThrustMaster F-16C Viper
Model HOTAS Grip Add-On
Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
EAN 3362932915638
Antal knapper 19
Forbindelsesteknologi Kabling
Produkttype Joystick
Styring 2 x 8-way Hat Switches, Udløser, 2 x trykknapper, 4-vejs hatkontakt, 8-vejs hatkontakt, 2 x lillefinger-trykknapper
Type Drivers & Utilities
Farvekategori Sort
Kompatible spilkonsoller PC
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