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SteelSeries Arctis Nova Pro Wireless Gamingheadset Xbox (sort)

2.4Ghz, Bluetooth, USB, aktiv støjreduktion, Xbox, PC, PS5, GameDac

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45 stk på lager. (2-6 hverdage leveringstid)
Produktlinje SteelSeries
Model Arctis Nova Pro Wireless for Xbox
Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
EAN 5707119041072
Højopløsnings-audio Yes
Yderligere funktioner Transparenstilstand
Maks. driftsafstand 12 m
Type Trådløst headset-system
Anbefalet brug Spilkonsol, Computer, Transportabel elektronik
Lydeffekter 360° Spatial Audio
Følsomhed 93 dB
Aktiv støjfjerning Yes
Lydudgangsmodus Stereo
Frekvensrespons 10 - 22000 Hz
Bluetooth-version Bluetooth 5.0
Total harmonisk forvrængning (THD) 1%
Tilslutning Trådløs
Impedans 38 Ohm
Magnetmateriale Neodym
Hovedtelefoner øredelstype Fuld størrelse
Tilgængelig mikrofon Yes
Stil Spil
Membrandiameter 40 mm
Trådløs teknologi Bluetooth/2,4 GHz radiofrekvens
Driftsmåde af mikrofon Tovejs
Følsomhed -38 dBV/Pascal
Impedans 2200 Ohm
Frekvensrespons 100 - 6500 Hz
Mikrofonformfaktor Headsetmikrofon
Støjannullering Yes
Detaljer Tilbagetrækkelige mikrofoner
Monteringstype til mikrofon Boom
Teknologi Litiumion
Type Batteri til hovedsæt
Driftstid (op til) 44 time(r)
Antal inkluderet 2
Farvekategori Sort
Gaming Ja
Farve Sort
Udstyr inkluderet 2 batterier, Basisstation til trådløst hovedsæt, 2 aftagelige magnetiske øreplader, Popfilter
Service & Support
Regionale Undtagelser USA, Asien - 1 år
Detaljer om service & support
Service & Support Begrænset garanti - 2 år
Specifikationer Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X ¦ Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5
Beskrivelse Xbox One, Xbox Series S, Xbox Series X, Sony PlayStation 4, Sony PlayStation 5
Kabeloplysninger 2 x USB-C til USB-A kabel - aftagelig - 1.5 m, Audiokabel - aftagelig - 1.2 m
Run Time detaljer
Run Time detaljer Løbende høring (2.4 GHz / Bluetooth): op til 36 timer, Løbende høring (2.4 GHz): op til 44 timer
Average rating (2 reviews)
Retningslinjer for produktanmeldelser

all in all, a great headset

By roy olsen 15-03-2024

so after using up my virtuoso headset from corsair, i decided i needed a new headset, the problem was, the setup i really wanted, would cost me 20k +, being a hifi head of course enter, the best alternative! we begin with the feel: after all, it is a gaming headset, made to be as cheap as possible, while maintaining a high margin, so there is plastic, a lot of it, altho, high quality! the adjustable headband makes for a comfy long session, since no hard parts are touching the top of your head. the earpads could have been in a more breathable material, long sessions might give you sweaty ears syndrome, but all in all, comfortable to wear the sound; microphone, clear, nothing special to say, you get a lot of functionality to tune and EQ your mic with steelseries GG, and some other voicemodes as to how you want to sound to others! A listening pleassure: ive had a lot of headsets during the years, both in different generes, and different price classes, and prefer a somewhat flat sound, these are not that out of the box, but the element tuning, and the build in EQ of steelseries GG makes this easy to achieve! with the help of Rthings, i got a visual graph of how they sound compared to DT 770 pro, and i was able to see where these lacks, and where they overcompensate in terms of highs and lows. after some adjustments, i was very pleased as to how they sounded! but of course, sound is each to their own, so youll have to do a little bit of work to find the sound you like! special features; batteries - yes, batteries, this setup features swapable batteries, so that you never have to plug in the headset to charge! the swapping process is fast and simple, pop off right earcup cover, pull the battery out, and put the charged one in, and turn headset back on, max switchtime is 30 sec for me, which creates minimal deaftime, optimal for when comms are out! batterytime is also great, these will last you the entire session, maybe 2 before they need chaning! Steelseries GG; many loves it, many hates it, for me, i like it, gives me visual control of the individual volume level of game, chat and media, as well as auxilary if you have something plugged in, and your mic! it also allows you to personalize the sound of everything, want your game to sound more airy, while your music have more bass, and chat to sound like a walkie talkie? no problem! it also allows you to enable spatial audio for each category respectively! the dac! the dac have a lot of functions! it works as your mixer, volume adjuster, as well as controller for ANC, sidetone, and transparency mode, it is also here you store and charge your unused battery! it also works as a switcher, if you have your console and pc connected, as well as your speakers, you can with the help of steelseries route sound as youd like! you can also install addons, that allows your dac to show different information, either related to who is speaking on discord, what music is playing, your pc stats, or stats related to your game! the library have tons of addons available! wireless range and bluetooth older headsets that are wireless have a range limit, but this headset, have a really strong link! i live in a fairly large house, with 2 levels, 150 kv^2, and have so far only found 1 deadzone, which is pretty crazy, considering the internal layout of the house! it also features bluetooth, to allow my phone to be connected as well! steelseries have done a great job implementing this, as they can be connected at the same time, your phone rings while gaming? the phone takes over, and the game sound is reduced by 12 db if you want that, or does nothing, if you answer the call, the microphone will be used by your phone instead, and your discord buddys wont hear anything of your call! when the call is ended, the game sound comes back, and discord will start to utilize the mic again! ANC active noice cancelation is not something we have seen a lot in gaming headsets, but this one features it, altho not the strongest, but it dosent need to be, with the combination of passive cancelation and the active cancelation, you get very little external noice! and its not to the point where you can get a headache, or get dizzy! all in all, a great headset, that will offer a lot of listening pleasure, and fullfill most peoples needs for such a headset! steelseries have done a great job with how the software works with the dac, and the wireless technology in it, the noise cancelation is well balanced, and does not inpact sound! the microphone delivers a clear voice, and the elements provide a pleasant quality of sound! if youre in the market for a new headset, and want something that dosent completely break your bank, but dont want to spend a fortune on audio equipment, go for these! Read more

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By James 03-10-2023

It says it's compatible with Mac, but it's not. The earlier Arctis Pro Wireless had smart capabilities built into the headset, such as Chatmix, which worked with both PC and Mac straight out of the box. The Nova Pro has dumber hardware and instead uses Sonar, one of the worst pieces of software I've ever seen, and which only works on PC. The software really is such garbage that I wasn't sure whether I had downloaded malware by accident. Just don't bother - buy the older Arctis Pro Wireless instead. Stay away from the Nova range. Read more

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