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SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5 Wireless gamingheadset (sort)

2,4Ghz, Bluetooth, USB, aktiv støjreduktion, PC, PlayStation, Switch, GameDac

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SteelSeries Arctis Nova 5 Wireless

Unlock 100+ game audio presets with Arctis Nova 5 and the Companion App. Consulted with game developers and esports pros, choose precise EQ profiles for games like Fortnite, Apex Legends, Minecraft, and more — without leaving the game.

Enhance important game details for a powerful audio advantage, and it's the perfect combo with the custom Neodymium Magnetic Drivers providing an ultra-detailed soundscape. With all-week 60-hour battery life, and 2.4GHz/Bluetooth wireless, play longer on PC, PS, Switch, or mobile with the USB-C wireless dongle. Make your voice clearer with the new ClearCast 2.X high-bandwidth chipset (32KHz/16Bit). With convenient onboard controls you can switch from mobile to console in a flash.

100+ Game Audio Presets at Your Fingertips

Arctis Nova 5 Companion App unlocks over 100 sound presets tailored by esports Pros and audio engineers.

Hear what others don't with precisely honed audio profiles for top games to highlight footsteps and other key sounds or increase immersion. Change audio presets in real-time without leaving your game.

60-Hour Battery Life

Got your gaming planned for the week? Our battery's got you. With a full charge lasting 8 hours each day, it's five-times as long as other headsets.

Plus, USB-C fast charging brings 6 hours of charge in only 15 minutes.

Quick-Switch Wireless

Easily take calls while gaming, switching from high-speed 2.4GHz to Bluetooth 5.3 with a tap of a button. Mobile connections remain on standby when you're back in the action, so you'll receive calls.

Keep your Fortnite EQs on the 2.4GHz bandwith without affecting your specific media profiles for Bluetooth audio.

Neodymium Magentic Drivers

Hear everything with an ultra-detailed soundscape of crystal clear highs, pinpoint mids, and deep bass.

The custom-designed Neodymium Magnetic Drivers crafted from a rare-earth metal ensure the prefect audio experience, whatever game or track you are playing.

ClearCast 2.X Microphone

2X the bandwith, 2X the clarity with our newest ClearCast microphone and a new high-bandwidth chipset supporting 32KHz/16Bit audio.

Supercharge your vocals even further with Sonar AI-Powered Noise Cancellation on PC, for the ultimate two-way noise reduction on comms. Completely retract the microphone for elegant comfort.

Cross-Platform Gaming

Rise above system wars with a compact USB-C dongle to swap between all your systems, supporting PC, PlayStation, Switch, Meta Quest, handhelds, as well as phones and tablets that support USB-C.

Durable Design

Strong ABS plastic provides a lightweight and long-lasting design with sturdy dual-hinge hangers, plus a flexible fabric headband to distribute pressure evenly for total comfort.

On-Ear Controls

Spring into action with a Power button; mute and adjust volume at your fingertips. With the Quick-Switch button, tap into Bluetooth to answer calls or listen to your favorite beats anywhere.

Model Arctis Nova 5
Produktlinje SteelSeries
Producentens garanti (måneder) 24
EAN 5707119053228
Detaljer Hurtigopladning
Type Headset
Anbefalet brug Computer, Transportabel elektronik, Spilkonsol
Justerbart pandebånd Yes
Bluetooth-version Bluetooth 5.3
Trådløs teknologi Bluetooth/2,4 GHz radiofrekvens
Magnetmateriale Neodymium magnet
Impedans 36 Ohm
Følsomhed 93 dB
Tilgængelig mikrofon Yes
Total harmonisk forvrængning (THD) <1%
Hovedtelefoner øredelstype Fuld størrelse
Lydeffekter 360° Spatial Audio
Membrandiameter 40 mm
Lydudgangsmodus Stereo
Frekvensrespons 20 - 22000 Hz
Forbindelsesteknologi Trådløs
Styring Partilstand, Lydstyrke, Strøm tændt/slukket, Lydløs, Quick Switch
Monteringstype til mikrofon Boom
Støjannulleringsteknologi Sonar ClearCast
Frekvensrespons 100 - 10000 Hz
Mikrofonformfaktor Headsetmikrofon
Støjannullering Yes
Følsomhed -38 dB
Detaljer Tilbagetrækkelige mikrofoner
Driftsmåde af mikrofon Tovejs
Forbindelsestype USB-C (kun strøm) (24 pin USB-C)
Opladeligt batteri Genopladelig
Driftstid (op til) 60 time(r)
Type Batteri til hovedsæt
Farvekategori Sort
Gaming Ja
Udstyr inkluderet USB-C-dongle, USB-C til USB-A opladningskabel, USB-C til USB-A forlængerkabel
Kabeloplysninger USB-C til USB-A forlængerkabel - aftagelig - 1.5 m, USB-C til USB-A kabel - aftagelig - 1.5 m
Run Time detaljer
Run Time detaljer Løbende playback (med 15 min opladning): op til 6 timer, Løbende playback (Bluetooth-forbindelse): op til 60 timer, Løbende playback (2.4 GHz): op til 50 timer
Understøttet værtsenheds-OS macOS 10,13 eller senere, Windows 8,1 eller senere, iOS 15 eller senere, Android 9,0 eller senere
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