Thermal Grizzly Conductonaut Liquid

CPU kølepasta metal, 1 gram

Varenummer: 946011 / Producentens varenr: TG-C-001-R

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The Conductonaut liquid metal thermal compound has been developed for applications with a high efficiency. The Conductonaut is a top product for experienced users who are looking for a solution with the best heat dissipation in the temperature range of over 8 ° C.

Quick Start Guide


Important: Avoid eye and skin contact! Keep away from children.

Contact a doctor immediately if swallowed or after eye contact.

Conductonaut is based on liquid metal and must not be used with coolers made out of aluminium! Contact with aluminium will result in a permanent damage of the cooling unit! Coolers with Direct-Heatpipe-Touch may only be used if the base is made out of copper! The surface of a CPU heatspreader is made out of nickel plated copper which is compatible to Conductonaut. Conductonaut may also be used directly on silicon.

  1. Clean the contact surface
    Clean the surface of CPU and cooler with the included cleaning cloth. Both surfaces have to be dry and free of all residues.
  1. Applying Conductonaut thermal grease
    Mount the included tip to the syringe (Figure 1). Apply a pinhead-sized amount on both, CPU and cooler (Figure 2). Spread the thermal grease on both surfaces with the included cotton swabs. An increased contact pressure of the cotton swab might ease the application. Now mount the cooler.
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